Intelligence Techniques and Awareness Training


FRDA has provided training services to US Defense and Intelligence clients for almost 20 years. Our commercial solutions practice offers the same boutique services to select clients. FRDA has years of experience in course design, syllabus development, scenario management, and learning evaluation. With a 12,500 square foot corporate training facility, mobile training teams, and video production capabilities we can support all client needs.


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Training Design


Our trainers and content creators come from elite organizations with significant experience in the intelligence and special operations communities. FRDA brings our capabilities to commercial clients to solve business problems, reduce risk, and mitigate liabilities. Our approach to solving your problems through learning originates from a training design process customizable to your business. We build our courses with a focus on your unique challenges, and provide you with the skills to overcome them.


Experiential Learning

Online Video Modules

Clinics and Seminars

Training Lab