Biometric Signature Reduction Course

The five-day Biometric Signature Reduction Course is a modular course customized for each client.  Our experienced instructors train students to select and apply disguise materials and techniques applicable to their specific operational environment and individual profile.  Students receive instruction in multiple areas related to altering their appearance in the field, including: self-assessment, cultural assessment, regional awareness, physical mannerisms, basic sewing skills, and makeup application.  Real world/real-time exercises allow students to employ the disguise skills learned and receive detailed feedback for each exercise.  Successful students finish the course with knowledge of how to procure items used during the course that enables the individual to remain undetected before engaging and/or prevent the enemy from locating or targeting the individual once he has actively engaged.

The course is designed to provide instruction through in-class discussions and practical application exercises.  All “on the street” application exercises will be closely monitored by instructors and through prior coordination with local law enforcement and applicable security entities.  Students are taught tactics and techniques to minimize exposure risk during the operational employment of disguise.  Additionally, students will be required to repeatedly demonstrate appropriate selection and use of technical disguise skills prior to their employment in “on the street” exercises.  The students also have multiple opportunities to operate against a witting commercial property utilizing an extensive closed-circuit television network that employs facial recognition security software.  Disguise kits will be provided for the students to use both during the course and for their personal use upon course completion.  The kits will be fitted with commercially available products that reduce unwanted scrutiny when passing through international ports of entry.

The modular design of this offering allows for modification according to the needs of specific clients, including addressing specific aspects of new and emerging biometric technology and biometric concerns and trends in specific countries and regions.

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