Overseas Travel Awareness Course (OTAC)

The course is designed to mitigate the risk of operational and routine threats encountered when overseas. Host nation laws and customs are addressed as well as potentially hostile state and non-state actors. Course attendees will discuss how to safeguard individuals, teams, their equipment, and personal effects while entering, travelling within, and exiting their operational area. In addition, attendees will learn US Embassy operational coordination to include isolated personnel recovery planning. The OTAC consists of classroom presentations that are reinforced by practical exercises in a controlled, live training environment. FRDA’s use of the controlled, live training environment provides student’s realistic scenarios outside of the classroom which allow them to practice what they have learned and to demonstrate critical thinking and judgment skills related to situational awareness. FRDA instructors for the OTAC course are a mix of former US military Senior Operations and Interagency Officers with extensive experience traveling overseas in an operational capacity.


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