Executive Elicitation Training

Your executives are unwitting targets in the growing profession of economic warfare. In our digital age, access to highly valuable intellectual property is historically unprecedented. State-sponsored and criminal elements are experts at eliciting information to gain access to valuable company IP. Graduates of the FRDA Executive Elicitation Training Course understand elicitation techniques; identify when they are targets, behave effectively during an incident, and disengage and properly report the incident. FRDA will harden your organization and executives against financially devastating expropriation of your IP.

FRDA’s Training Methodology

Trainers conduct on-site instruction, public setting demonstrations, and live elicitation targeting woven into subsequent work days for an immersive training experience.



Masters 1 Day + Immersive Live Training

  • Case Studies: Recent threats and incidents Technique Awareness: Identify aggressors Event Scenarios: Industry event training Travel: Customs incidents and foreign travel.
  • Reporting Procedures: How and when to report Live Demonstration: Public setting role play Live Targeting: Woven into subsequent days Report Card: One-on-one review of results.

Mavens 3-4 Day (Includes all Master Course Curriculum)

  • Regional Customs Scenarios
  • Rights & Behaviors
  • Additional Live Demonstration
  • Enhanced Company Specific Targeting
  • Cyber Module

Mentors 4-5 Day (Includes all Mavens Course Curriculum)

  • Teaching Module: Preparing execs to teach their teams and departments how to play defense.
  • Intel Module: Focused discussions with Intelligence Experts and trainers.
  • Expert Access: Continuous access to FRDA Intel Experts for consultation and teaching support.

Psychologically prepared Executives are your best defense against attempts to elicit valuable company data. Intelligent and well-trained aggressors are piecing together a puzzle of data that leads them to your intellectual property. FRDA will make your company the harder target, not worth their time.

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