About FRDA

Foreign Resource Development Associates, LLC (FRDA) provides select clients creative human-based solutions to challenging operational and training support issues both domestically and abroad. FRDA’s team of dedicated employees and affiliates deliver mission-relevant management and leadership experience garnered from distinguished service at the national level.

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Professional Services

FRDA provides specialized professional services to select clients both domestically and abroad. FRDA’s team of dedicated professionals deliver creative human-based solutions to the most challenging operational and support issues.

Tailored Training and Course Design

FRDA provides services through an array of training courses summarized in the following pages and delivered via individual consultancy.

Customized Training Facilities

FRDA maintains over 17,800 square feet of office space in the National Capital Region.

Global Deployment Support

FRDA’s niche expertise includes providing effective leadership and management support to U.S. government clients in CONUS and abroad. We have a history of superior performance and are proud of our success in attracting and maintaining qualified, focused, and productive subject matter experts (SMEs) who are highly effective across a broad range of offices and missions.

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Foreign Market Expansion

FRDA has a proven track record of expeditiously deploying specialists internationally on our clients’ behalf. With expertise in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Balkans, we uncover critical intelligence and deliver turnkey solutions tailored to client objectives.

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S&T Enterprise Solutions

As technology has become integrated into normal operations, government and businesses are increasingly challenged in choosing appropriate technical solutions for critical issues, determining technology readiness, engaging stakeholders to establish research roadmaps and communicating technical achievements. Science and Technology (S&T) innovation is essential to meet these challenges and FRDA’s S&T Group provides advisory services to assist clients in making informed decisions with a focus on emerging technologies.

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