International Business Practice

Business ventures abroad often fail to understand regional business practices. Most businesses could be highly profitable in the emerging markets of Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Southeastern Europe; they just need help executing. With decades of international experience, FRDA will execute a market entry assistance package and hand you the keys. You could do it yourself, but it would take more people, more time, and more money to achieve the same results.

FRDA lifts the burden of global expansion off your shoulders by providing the personnel for in-country diligence and execution of your strategy. We validate your existing plan by considering cultural and language barriers, tax codes and compliance, local competition, and the impact of your product


●Liaise with local government

● Determine compliant practices within the local regulatory environment

● Conduct site selection and secure required real estate

● Source and deliver the local labor force

● Initiate the recruiting process for the permanent leadership team

● Evaluate local logistics and distribution networks

● Design and execute a comprehensive asset protection package

FRDA ensures your practice is organizationally, financially, and legally prepared for the applicable environment. We transfer responsibility of the fully functioning unit, operating under your logo, or as a non-attributable separate entity.

Whether you are a large enterprise testing a regional market, or a medium sized business making a significant international investment, FRDA will navigate all aspects of the local environment for you.