Human Intelligence as a Service (HIaaS)


HIaas Mechanisms include the following: Deploy former CIA case officers to collect critical intelligence in support of specific desired results. Implement advocacy strategies to dramatically increase local support for your global investments. Task a fleet of local resources to deliver surveys, photos, and mobile metadata within 48 hours. Access intelligence sourced from illicit online communities in native or translated formats.


Predictive Intelligence

FRDA delivers competitive and risk reduction intelligence only available through human collection and analysis; providing critical strategic decision-making data.

Use cases: Global M&A, Product Development, Market Penetration, Security Posturing



Embed an FRDA employee to boost counterintelligence and insider threat detection. Build internal human networks to detect insider and external threats.

Use cases: Government Intrusion, Intellectual Property Theft, Corporate Espionage Defense, Insider Threat


Strategic Advocacy

Establish and manage advocacy campaigns resulting in increased market share in frontier markets. Safeguard desired outcomes and protect investments through media and local human network support.

Use cases: Market Share Loss, Public Perception Concerns, Competitor Growth, Government Interference


Internal Intelligence Practice

Utilize FRDA Mentors to guide you through creating your own in-house intelligence practice.

Use cases: Foreign Government Interference, M&A Cycles, Highly Competitive Environments


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