Emerging Market Influence Campaigns “Impact your environment”

Campaign services

• In-person consultation to identify the overall objective, regional constraints, and desired results

• Collaboration on preferred messaging and bespoke design of the appropriate dissemination mechanism

• FRDA personnel deploy in-region to carry out the campaign and measure results on the ground

Desired results, every time

We know how to work within each culture by establishing on-the-ground relationships with the right influencers from day one. FRDA was built on a no-fail culture and we take a rigorous approach to messaging measurement. We use well tested Measures of Performance (MOP) and Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) as key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive our maniacal focus on results.

Who we are

With almost 20 years of providing services to US Government clients, FRDA is now focusing on creating value for select commercial partners.

We have a deep understanding of social, cultural, economic, and political frameworks that affect the value of your business in international and emerging markets. Our employees have extensive backgrounds in business, government, and Special Operations, with decades of experience overcoming obstacles.

More than marketing; true Influence

Don’t let the environment control you. Take control of the market and learn how to manage the behaviors of your key stakeholders. We know what resonates and what doesn’t in each international region, and we craft our campaigns based on those regional truths.

Our methodology focuses on the full range of a population, from individuals and groups to entire governments for a holistic approach. Rather than occasional trips to the region, we provide a persistent presence to validate effects and adjust as needed.