Enhanced Due Diligence

Global Intelligence Delivered with Discretion.


Due diligence is a must for major transactions. Routine due diligence often misses the ground truth, exposing firms to major financial risks. FRDA’s Advanced Due Diligence service puts Human Intelligence (HUMINT) experts on the ground to uncover deception, corruption, illicit practices, lawsuits, negative public or media perception and other value degrading issues. We assess risk associated with partnerships, mergers, and investment opportunities worldwide. We provide targeted due diligence and background research that combines thorough public data and traditional investigative research with well-sourced, on-the-ground information, resulting in a penetrating analysis of individuals and entities critical to a transaction or investment opportunity.

FRDA has provided sensitive services to US Defense and Intelligence clients for almost 20 years. Our commercial solutions practice offers the same boutique services for select clients.


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