Advanced Due Diligence


Due diligence is a critical process when making a major investment in a business partnership, merger, acquisition, or supply chain. Routine due diligence often misses the ground truth that exposes firms to major financial risks. FRDA’s Advanced Due Diligence service puts Human Intelligence (HUMINT) experts on the ground to uncover deception, corruption, illicit practices, lawsuits, negative public or media perception and other value degrading issues.


FRDA fills the intelligence gaps left wide open by traditional due diligence processes executed from a keyboard. We have honed our expertise over decades, by dominating the information space of challenging environments around the world. Our team can highlight your blind spots before they impact sensitive business negotiations or strategies. FRDA executes our process in a manner non-attributable to your firm, maximizing confidentiality and ensuring accurate results. Using existing relationships with foreign governments, businesses, and regional influencers combined with new network nodes, we do the hard work to uncover critical information otherwise unavailable through online searches.


● FCPA & UK Bribery Act Violations 

● Connections to Criminal Enterprises 

●Politically Exposed Persons 

●Connections to Terrorist Networks 

● At-Risk Executives 

● Government Interference 

●Research and Screening Gaps 

● Cultural Risks 

● Potential Sanction Breaches 

● Unethical Pay Practices

THE VALUE OF THE LAST 5% Without understanding all of the risks associated with a significant investment, no organization can properly assess or mitigate financial tradeoffs. Existing due diligence processes will provide 95% of the data needed to make value accretive decisions. Unfortunately, the deliberately hidden 5% will have an excessively disproportionate negative effect on your investment. Leverage FRDA to find the 5%