Commercial Solutions


FRDA works with clients to assess and mitigate risk in frontier markets. We do this through intelligence collection, monitoring, and the application of operational field teams who advise and take action to ensure you get the results you need.

FRDA maintains operations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Analysts and local networks cover the same regions to offer assessments and intelligence dashboards.

FRDA Services

Influence Landscape Assessments

A custom report tailored to your position in a specific market. Understand who to engage for the greatest effects, and how to engage discreetly.

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Strategic Engagement Consulting

Expedite measurable results through the strategic application of community, government, and organizational engagement campaigns.

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Local Insights Data

Access rich data at scale through a fleet of localized collectors who will deliver the answers that you need rapidly.

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Risk Mitigation Operations

Enable operations through the analysis and reduction of risks associated with cultural, social, physical, cyber, supply chain, and infrastructure vulnerabilities.

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Intelligence Techniques Training

Custom built and off-the-shelf training courses focus on intelligence techniques that reduce cultural, travel, and security risks.

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Global Due Diligence

Use existing networks and experts in-country to uncover deception, corruption, illicit practices, lawsuits, negative perception and value degrading issues.

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Regions of Expertise